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Market Analysis

The historical success and future success of HGI has been closely tied to serving the needs of the seventy-seven million baby boomers who are now reaching retirement age.

Hegemon Group International Vision

In their early days, boomers needed low-cost coverage that would protect them in the event of a disaster and allow them to begin investing for their future. 


By middle age, boomers needed wealth accumulation that would carry them through to retirement.  While many of their strategies were successful, no one was prepared for the economic collapse that left many seniors lacking the necessary funds to enjoy their retirement years.


Now, boomers are looking for secure accelerated accumulation products to recover their losses and are quickly becoming aware of their need for Medicare Supplements, Long-Term Care and Final Expense coverage.

In addition to the baby boomers, we now have Generation X and Generation Y who are still looking for wealth accumulation vehicles and tax benefits, along with the Millennials who are new to the market and looking for low-cost high-coverage products.


We are entering a new era in wealth management, and HGI has extensive experience and quality products that are tailored to meet the unique financial challenges of TODAY.


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