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Executive Team

Success Depends on Exceptional Leadership...
Hubert Humphrey

Hubert & Norma Humphrey

Hubert and Norma Humphrey have over 30 years experience in the financial services / inspirational marketing business. They began their careers at A. L. Williams, Inc. where they quickly became Senior National Sales Directors, the top leaders in the company. Later, they were named "A.L Williams Most Valuable Leaders of the Decade in 1987" and became Directors of the A.L. Williams Corporation, at that time a publicly-traded reinsurance company. While at A.L. Williams, they developed a systematic approach to business building called the Leadership Format System, which helped to recruit over 1 million agents, create over 1 million sales, and several billion dollars of wealth for clients.

After their successful career at A. L. Williams, Hubert and Norma founded World Marketing Alliance, Inc. (WMA) until its' sale to a subsidiary of AEGON USA in June of 2001. Mr. Humphrey provided executive stewardship for all of the Company's business operations, which included the sale and distribution of variable life insurance and variable annuities and mutual funds. Under the leadership of Hubert and Norma and their unique approach to business building, WMA grew to become the number one marketer of variable universal life and variable annuities in the industry and recruited over four hundred thousand members into its sales force.

Hubert also served as founder, Chairman and CEO of Global Preferred Holding, Inc., an agent-owned life reinsurance company, from 1995 until its acquisition by an affiliate of AEGON USA in 2001. After a successful launch of WMA in the United States, Hubert and Norma drove the international expansion of its businesses into Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, UK, and Japan.

Following the sale of WMA to AEGON USA, they founded World Leadership Group, Inc. ("WLG") where they continued to implement their leadership skills and the Leadership Format System as well as providing motivational guidance to WLG's sales contractors. Their leadership helped WLG to become one of the fastest growing mortgage and real estate firms in the United States.

Currently, Norma serves as a trustee of a trust that was the founder of Hegemon Holdings, LLC, the parent company of Hegemon Group International. Hubert continues as the Architect of the Leadership Format System and provides guidance and direction on effectively running the system.

Stephen Gross

Steve Gross - Special Industry Consultant

Steve graduated from Duke University with a major in management sciences. He attended graduate school at Georgia State University, majoring in accounting.

Steve has taught strategic business planning, executive development, real estate finance, tax planning, corporate finance and financial controls to CPAs throughout Georgia. He has also been a national speaker and trainer on these subjects.

He has consulted, audited or assisted in exit events with hundreds of companies throughout the United States and Western Europe. His involvement has assisted management teams in growing, governing and merging or selling of companies to many major international groups.

Steve is a founding organizer of HLB Gross Collins, P.C. and as of October 1, 2011, he retired from HLB Gross Collins, P.C. and assumed the role of Founder Emeritus.



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