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Licensed Products

Hegemon Group International Vision

Hegemon Group International, LLC (HGI) is a marketing company only and does not sell life insurance products.


Hegemon Financial Group, LLC (HFG) is an affiliated licensed agency that offers a wide variety of world-class life insurance products and solutions through its relationship with Innovation Partners, LLC (MGA/IMO) and through select direct insurance company contracts.


These contracts, along with the favorable market conditions for these products, combine to make a perfect opportunity for licensed HGI associates to generate income and wealth.  The products we offer are products people MUST have in order to properly protect and provide for their families…and chances are high that they are overpaying for these products right now.

  • Hegemon Financial Group, LLC (an affiliated licensed insurance agency)
    • Equity Indexed Life
      • LBR (Living Benefits Rider)
      Equity Indexed Annuities
    • Universal Life
    • Term Life Insurance
      • LBR

    • Optional Riders
      • Living Benefits Riders
      • Disability Income
      • Critical Illness
      • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
      • Return of Premium


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